The Danger Of Swiping Double Credit And Debit Cards On The Cash Register

If you shop or want to buy something, not infrequently you decide to use a credit card or debit card as a payment medium.
By simply swiping the card on the card payment machine, it certainly makes it easier for you to buy something without the need to bring a lot of cash learn more here.

But apparently, swiping credit cards and debit cards with machines other than in Captured Electronics Data (EDC) can be dangerous.

Double friction is a situation in which merchants make non-cash card friction more than once on an EDC machine and cash register.

A common thing that often happens and without us knowing it is the practice of friction at the merchant’s cash register.

This action has the potential to cause the credit/debit card data to be stored automatically by the store/merchant.

Logically, all cards that are swiped on the cash register can be read and copied on the cashier’s computer cards.

This is dangerous! the practice of double friction of non-cash transactions has the potential to cause theft and misuse of customer card data and information without being noticed by the customer.

The danger of double friction on credit/debit cards in other cash machines is the theft of magnetic data cards that are included in the skimming mode.

Skimming is a method of illegally reading magnetic data on credit cards or debit cards by modifying hardware/software payment instruments or using a card reader (skimmer).

The way the skimming mode works is that the data on the credit or debit card will be read automatically, and this data can be used to make dummy or fake cards that can later be misused to steal victim funds.

Do This If Finding / Experiencing Double Swipe Practice

When shopping or non-cash transactions, tell the merchant/cashier not to swipe the debit or credit card at the cash register.

Make sure your credit or debit card is only swiped on the EDC machine.
Ask the cashier if the card is swiped in another device, other than EDC, especially if the card friction machine is hidden behind the counter.

The facts on the field that often occur are, the reason for the transaction is twice the cash register or EDC because the shopping receipt does not come out.
Now, make sure everything is only one swipe. Try to check your account balance regularly.

If you find a strange money withdrawal transaction or find an invalid credit card bill, immediately report this to the bank concerned.

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